Underneath this canopy of snow Where fifty-seven winters Took their toll Where did you go? And I believed in you I believed in you Like Elvis Presley Singing psalms on a Sunday Where did you go? Well she’s gone to meet Her maker Back to where she came from Come to save her soul… Come […]

We skipped the light fandango Turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor I was feeling kind of seasick When the crowd called out for more And the room was hummin’ harder As the ceiling flew away And when we called out for another drink But the waiter brought a tray And so it was later As the […]

How many times do I have to try to tell you That I’m sorry for the things I’ve done But when I start to try to tell you That’s when you have to tell me Hey, this kind of trouble’s only just begun I tell myself too many times Why don’t you ever learn to […]

Think of your fellow man Lend him a helping hand Put a little love in your heart You see it’s getting late Oh please don’t hesitate Put a little love in your heart And the world will be a better place And the world will be a better place For you and me You just […]

I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days I used to feel woebegone and so restless nights My aching heart would bleed for you to see Oh, but now, I don’t find myself bouncing home Whistling buttonhole tunes to make me cry No more I love you’s The language is leaving me No […]